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Save Anna


Save Anna


Аnna Melnikova, 11-month-old daughter of a rescuer who worked in Japan after the Great earthquake 2011, urgently needs your help.
Anna was diagnosed with acute leukemia, biphenotypic option (rare type of acute infant leukemias).
Now she is being treated in the National Center for Global Health and Medicine(JP)( Department of International Medical Cooperation,Japan(JP). Approximate cost of Anna`s treatment is estimated to be around 40 000 000 yen.
Eugene Melnikov, Anna's father, is a rescuer in the Far-Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Team. Since he joined the Team in 1997, Eugene has helped people in very difficult times, now - he is in need. If you decide to save little Anna's life, please don't be overwhelmed by the total cost, as every donation can make a difference and will be accepted with deepest gratitude.
Little Anna really needs your help!
For those who transfer money from Yucho bank:
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Save little Anna
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from other banks): Yucho bank
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Save little Anna

Anna's Journey
Anna was born on May 3, 2011, as a second child to Evgeny and Natalia Melnikov. She weighed 3140 g and was 52 cm in height. At birth, doctors gave her a 9 out of 10 on the Apgar score system. Until recently, Anna was developing according to her age norms and making her parents happy.
Suddenly, Anna’s life was changed.

February, 2012: Anna underwent a virus infection, followed by weakness, face pallor and puffiness. Doctors assumed intestine problems, but real problems were yet to come.
April 1, 2012: fever medications stop being effective.

April 6: Anna and her mom were examined in the Child Regional Clinical Hospital in
Russia. Dozens of different analyses followed, such as ECG (electrocardiogram), internal organs ultrasound, X-ray, blood and bone marrow tests. Diagnosis - acute leukemia, biphenotypic option.

April 16: in order not to lose precious time to start chemotherapy, Anna's parents left for Japan.
Anna's father, Eugene, is a member of Far-Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Team of Russia. His help in tsunami and earthquake relief efforts in Japan can't be overestimated. Japan Consulate-General in Khabarovsk kindly cooperated and helped with all the documents needed for the trip to Japan.

April 17: Tokyo International Medical Institute, famous for positive results in leukemia treatment, accepted Anna for treatment. Father of the baby-girl has already paid 1 000 000 (one million yen) for medical examination.

April 27: chemotherapy started.

There is an approximate plan of treatment, which is estimated to last up to 2 years, first year is expected to cost around 18 000 000 yen. Sadly, Anna and her mother need to spend the first year in a special sterile (aseptic) container.
Understandably, parents of the little girl are unable to collect such an amount of money. Every donation can make a difference and will be accepted with deepest gratitude. Little Anna really needs your help!



Angel's HANAMI Party




We received new pictures from Iwate - this is our parcel!

Here's what is now a place where there was a wave tsunami



And it is school, where still live a people.






We ask you to provide all possible assistance to people affected by the earthquake and tsunami March 11, 2011. The aid will be sent to remote rural areas, where today is a huge number of needy children and adults. Humanitarian assistance to other organizations and private groups in the main is large centers and sometimes does not reach the small towns and villages, leaving many people in distress. Many people still  live in school gyms, some returned to the dilapidated house, but all these people in dire need of basic things and at this time. Now the need is particularly acute in the summer things, underwear, for both children and adults alike. Always need a mask, water, hygiene products, diapers for children and adults, laying female. Because of the heat needed funds against the sun, panama hats, caps.

Here is a list of things needed in the affected areas:

1. masks (because of the strong smell)

2. sanitary towels for women, diapers for children, the elderly.

3. hygiene products (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and brushes, etc.)

4. ANY CLOTHING (pediatric, adult, all sizes). Now you want to light clothing, because very hot.

5. Toys for children. (For example balls, badminton, pencils, paints, drawing paper, all this is very necessary.)

6. Books, games for children.

7. LINGERIE (as child and adult).

8. It is also necessary slates

9. Paper towels, wet wipes, hand towels etc.

10.Water, rice, biscuits, okaschi, sweets for children

11.Means from sunburn and mosquitoes, "houses" and sprays of roaches.

12.Krem  softening, protective,

13. Disinfectants, plasters, etc.

14. Sticker on the forehead of the temperature, adhesive tape and stickers from joint pain in all, everything you need for everyday life. We appeal to anyone who can help listed items. Assistance will be delivered to the affected regions as they become available.

Questions About contact:

 Assol Mobile 090-4050-3613

Email: assol@angel17.com Alexandra

Mobile - 08041674245

Email angel17alex@gmail.com

035-411-7767 Angel17 (office)





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Test shoot on Tuesday!


Monthly test shoot


Angel17 test shoot, we are holding twice a month at hair-salon. Hai cheese?


"Gloumorous Mama" H&M Runway for kids models





They were cute !! go go Sarah-chan + Julia-chan + Yuichi-kun =3


Direct Booking "Kristi"

Direct Booking "Kristi"

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Russian Day - May 5th


2010 Sekai no Yatai-mura ( world food villages ) @ Yomiuri land


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29th Apr - 5th May






and will offer a taste of world cuisine brings together representatives

from around the world. On stage, "Mexico" "China" "Turkey" "South Africa", "RUSSIA"!!!

exotic and event in Japan, "Okinawa" in Spotlights, entertainment throughout

implementation. In addition, data provided during the period of national spotlights

special day of the relevant country (province) for free admission to the people!

(Certificate required.)

Yomiuri is a mood abroad in Golden Week?




Each person who has citizenship in Russia will be free admission to the day that

a total of up to 5 people including the person who accompanied you.

(Example) 1 + Russian people will be free admission for four Japanese people everybody.

Please present your ID to know the nationality Entrance ※. ( passport and alien registration.)

Events - Stage - Stage Stop ※ square solar storm


♪ "Russian Music" 13:00 - Roshianka

● Cast / Angelic voices of children in Russia "Russian folk"

and "Folklore Dance Show"

♪ "Aeroflot present by lottery" 12:00

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Aeroflot - Win a lottery prize by Aeroflot gorgeous!

Village Items [stand]

Borscht , beef stroganoff, Pelmeni, and will Burinui


Sponsored by the Embassy of the Russian Federation - Japan, Russia Cultural Cooperation Agency



TOKYO FASHION FUSE with Lamborghini

"Tokyo Fashion Fuse" on rooftop of the city's most glamorous venue at Daikanyama's XEX on April 10.




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We would like to big thank everybody that came to

"Sakura Night Bus-tour Da Angel17"!!!!!!

It was one of the best bus tour ever in 2010!

We made it a great night and i am thankful to have you

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Sakura Picnic 1st Apr


Sakura Night Bus Tour on 27th!